Abigail is a passionate princess who enjoys being treated like a queen. She is happiest when she is dining out in fine restaurants, and her favorite thing in the world is making her date look good with her incredible body. She loves to dress to be sexy and likes clothes that hug every curve of her body. She is very competitive and will gladly stack her own assets against those of any girl who comes her way.

Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $800/hour

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(917) 003-3592

“I know they say not to compare yourself to other people,” she says. “They say you should compare yourself to the person you used to be. If you can be better than your past self, you’re doing pretty well. But I have to admit, my competitive nature drives me to compare myself to others. I want to be the best escort in the city. I want to be the girl that turns everybody’s head and the one everyone thinks of as the best around. I’m not even really sure how you might judge that. I just know that this is what I want. I take a lot of pride in what I do, and I love being an escort. So it’s only natural that I would to be as good at it as I can possibly be.”

What Abigail loves about being an escort is that she gets to use her talents to make someone else look good. “When you have a body like this,” she says, running her hands down the sides of her hips, “you’re naturally going to get noticed. You know you look good. It’s the reason people stare. It’s the reason people are willing to pay for your company, too, because men who always thought of a looker like you as being out of their league suddenly realize they have the opportunity to spend time with you. I love the look I see on a man’s face when he realizes that, yes, I’m very beautiful and sexy, and yes, I’m all his for the time he has booked, and we will have the time to get to know each other and make a connection.”

“What I love even more than that, though,” Abigail goes on, “is that when I walk out with this man, when his friends, or his coworkers, or strangers on the street see us, they’re looking at me, sure, but they’re seeing him in a whole new light. They’re suddenly wondering what it is about this man that makes him so handy with the ladies. They’re wondering what special talent or quality he has that put me on his arm. So now suddenly they’re jealous. They wish they were with me. The women who see us want to know if he would pick them, too, especially if they think I’m prettier or sexier than they are. It’s a whole image thing, and it’s what I like most about escorting because it’s the most obvious sign that you’re really helping somebody. You’re giving a man the chance to be the guy he’s always wanted to be, and to make the impression he’s always dreamed of making.”

Abigail is frank about her passions. “I am a creature of lust,” she says. “I can’t help it. I am moved by passion and I take a lot of pleasure in myself. When I put on something tight and sexy, I like to feel myself up. I want to know what my lovers are going to experience when they get with me. I don’t see any reason I shouldn’t enjoy myself right along with them, you know? That’s just my feeling.”

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