Q. Exactly how do I book an escort, and how can you help me?

A. TampaBabeDirectory.com puts its clients in touch with gorgeous professional entertainers who agree to go out and spend time with them, whether that is time spent out on a date or just getting to know each other in a more intimate setting. We do not arrange for sex. What we do is see to it that you select a lovely, willing lady whose look and whose personality most closely matches what you like. If you do not see a lady on our pages that you like, we can put you in touch with one of the Tampa escorts, St. Petersburg escorts, or Clearwater escorts available in our extended network. Only some of the women who work with us are actually listed on our pages, and while every one of them is a stunner, we know that you may have specific tastes.

We would be happy to help arrange that for you. Once you have selected your lady, we will coordinate both your schedule and hers to see to it you have her time when you want it and when it is convenient to you, versus the other demands on her time. Once this is done, we will make sure she shows up when she says she will. When your date is concluded, we will communicate with her to see to it that all went as planned. If you have a problem, or you simply want to share positive or negative feedback, give us a suggestion, or otherwise let us know about how things went for you, just contact us. We will not only take your feedback into account, but we will act on it immediately to better our business model and make sure you come back again.

Q. Am I breaking the law by hiring an escort?

A. Escort services in Florida are entirely legal. We would not be running this business if it were not legal to do so. You may have some misconceptions, however, about how escort services work. We do not arrange for sex and this is not a prostitution service. That is not how we conduct business. We offer our clients the companionship of beautiful woman. When you book one of our Tampa escorts, St. Petersburg escorts, or Clearwater escorts, you are paying for her time and nothing more. The value we provide is in connecting you with a lovely, sophisticated, sexy girl who is interested in meeting new people and dating them. There are no guarantees as far as where the date goes, and whatever develops between the two of you is entirely up to you both. We simply cut out the hassles of dating and skip to the good part at the end, where you are able to get to know a beautiful woman better.

Q. Is this very expensive? How affordable is it to hire an escort?

A. Rates for our Tampa escorts, St. Petersburg escorts, and Clearwater escorts are very reasonable an always competitive. If you consider just how much money you would end up paying if you were engaging in traditional dating, including all the money spent on dates and expensive dinners that go nowhere, our service is much more affordable than conventional dating. The typical man pours all kind of money down the black hole we call dating, on cards, flowers, drinks, food, clothes to impress his date, and so on. The average man knows that a non-professional woman is attracted to money, so he must have a lot of it in order to get the attention of a woman to date him. The problem with traditional dating is that the more time you spend at it, the more money you also spend, with absolutely no guarantee of what you are going to receive in return.

In other words, you could spend a great deal of money trying to attract or find a young lady, then trying to impress her and secure a follow up date, then going on those follow up dates, only to discover that she isn’t right for you or, worse, that she was just using you for a good time and has no intention of taking things any farther with you. By contrast, when you pay to book the time of one of our Tampa escorts, St. Petersburg escorts, and Clearwater escorts, you are getting the company of a beautiful woman, exactly when you asked for it and according to your schedule and requirements. Whatever then develops is up to you. It’s as if we’ve cut out all the red tape that accompanies the beginning of the dating process, and allowed you to skip to the end, to the good part. We would be happy to discuss payment options with you, too, so don’t hesitate to call us and discuss pricing. We are very affordable.

Q. I would like my escort to dress a certain way. Is this okay?

A. Absolutely. We are always happy to take special requests. If you’d like your lady to wear something special, whether for quiet time getting to know her or for a social function or other event out, just let us know. Everything is subject to your escort’s approval, of course, but we think you’ll find our ladies are cooperative and eager to please. We also will not judge you for any special requests, no matter how unusual they may seem to you. We will make every effort, within reason, to accommodate your specific requirements.

Q. Can I book more than one escort at the same time?

A. Special requests for clothing and other details for your date aren’t just okay with us, but encouraged. We want you to be happy, and we know that your dream date with the gorgeous lady of your choice can be enhanced if she looks and acts the way you need and want her to look and act. Plenty of guys have lived their whole lives with certain fantasies about the perfect date. We would be happy to help you live this out. For example, if you would like to hire more than one escort at a time so that you can be seen with two women on your arm, we can arrange this, as long as we can coordinate your schedule with both of the escorts involved.

Or maybe you have always dreamed of hitting the town and painting it red with a woman dressed in a miniskirt and a tight blouse, the sort of “sexy office look” that so many men find appealing. There are any number of fantasy looks and outfits you might like, and we can provide these for you, within reason. All we ask is that you contact us ahead of time and give us time to make arrangements and accommodations for you, as some requests are easier to meet than others. Our only desire when you hire one of our Tampa escorts, St. Petersburg escorts, or Clearwater escorts is to see to it that you are as happy and satisfied as possible. We want every date with one of our girls to be the experience of a lifetime, one that will give you happy memories for years to come.

Q. Do I have to live in the greater Tampa area to book one of your escorts?

A. There is absolutely no need for you to be local to us for you to hire one of our Tampa escorts, St. Petersburg escorts, or Clearwater escorts. Yes, many of our customers are from the local area, and of course they have an advantage in that they can hire one of our lovely ladies any time the urge strikes them, but this is a vibrant city and greater urban area, known for its tourism, commerce, and nightlife. Plenty of people come into town just to visit, and plenty more travel through the area either for business or on their way to some other destination. We are happy to accommodate anyone and everyone who finds themselves in need of feminine companionship when in this area, whether they are in town for a few hours, a few days, a few months, or on a permanent basis. Our clients range from tourists and business travelers to residents of the area.

Q. Do you have male escorts available?

A. No, we only handle female escorts. We are, however, happy to make a referral to another service when we can. It’s possible that sometime in the future, we might be able to offer our clients the company of men, if they prefer this, but right now it’s not something that we do.

Q. What are the rules for dealing with my escort? I haven’t done this before and I don’t want to make anyone upset.

A. There is no specific code of conduct for interacting with our escorts beyond common courtesy and common sense. We encourage you to get to know your escort and to talk with her about what’s expected.