Jessica makes no secret of her love for fast cars. She is well known among our clients for her beautiful eyes. She is a former pole dancer who took up escorting as a way of leveraging her many talents, and she also does yoga to stay in shape. She enjoys bar-hopping and plays a mean game of darts.

Age 19
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $900/hour

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(917) 003-3592

“There is something about the roar of a powerful engine that just speaks to me,” Jessica admits. “When I’m riding in a fast car, or even better, when I’m clinging to a guy on the back of his motorcycle with that throbbing machine between my legs, it is so incredibly sexual and erotic to me. That machine, that barely contained power, that is always right at the edge of control when you drive it aggressively, to me, that is a metaphor for what it is like to date a man who is all man. I like that power. I like that masculinity. When I ride in a fast car, I like to feel the vibration in my body. I like to wear tight clothes and wonder with every curve we take if the buttons are going to pop on my blouse. I like to be pressed back into my seat and feel the acceleration, hear the roar of that motor, and know that the drive and I are experiencing a rush like no other on planet Earth.”

Jessica goes on, “There is nothing I like better than to ride in fast car while slowly opening my shirt. I like to turn a guy on when we’re riding together. I will make eye contact with him, lick my lips, and let him know that I am thinking about him. I’m picturing what it’s like to be with him. I’ll put my hand on his leg, move it up his thigh, and let my fingers do the walking as I get closer and closer to him. If I can do all this while the engine is revving and roaring, that’s a much bigger turn on to me. I like that feeling of being barely in control. I like that sense of adventure.”

Jessica believes her time as a pole dancer helps her to engage her clients in a stimulating way. “When I was up there dancing,” she says, “I knew that every eye was on me. Every man was watching every curve of me, every inch of skin that I showed. They were all thinking the same thing. They were experiencing me as a sexual being, and I loved that about dancing. I would lose myself to the music and to the feeling of grinding away on that pole, swinging myself around it, putting my body through its paces. I adored the attention and, in some ways, I still crave it. I think I bring that to my job now. Men love a woman who can command attention, and I know that when we’re out together and I’m dressed in something tiny and skin tight, the people who see us together are watching us. I’m blowing their minds and I’m making you look good. That’s the same kind of attention. That’s the same sort of thrill. I’m a thrill seeker. I gladly admit it.”

Jessica believes staying in shape is key to keeping a man interested. “I know that every man loves a beautiful girl,” she says, “and when you have a great body, it is up to you to keep it that way. That’s what makes you valuable. That’s what makes you so hypnotic to men. It’s a very real power you have.”

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