Sexy Kylie is into fetish photography and has done more than a little modeling along those lines. She likes to shop and has tried her hand at acting and video modeling for some local musicians’ videos. She is known for her dangerous curves. In her spare times Kylie enjoys going to the movies and considers herself something of a movie buff.

Age 28
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $600/hour

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“I think deep inside everyone is a kinky side,” Kylie explains. “We all love to get in touch with our deeper, darker desires. We all have them, too. I don’t have any patience for anyone who looks down on someone else’s fantasies because everyone knows they have them, even if they don’t admit to them. And for every man, and every woman, getting the chance to live out your fantasies is something we all long for. In some cases it may be something we have wanted all our lives, and suddenly, one day, we meet the person who can give it us, who can help us act it out. That’s really special. I love that part of my job as a Tampa escort is that I can help people fulfill lifelong fantasies for how they want to date and how they want to live. I like being romantic, and I like being able to meet new men and go to interesting locations to have fun. It all starts with acknowledging that we all have fantasies and we all deserve to be able to enjoy them.”

Fetish photography is something that let Kylie indulge those desires in a safe and productive way. “It would be lying to say I don’t like attention,” she says. “I think that’s very natural in an escort. We know that we turn heads, and we know that men look at us and watch us. We are used to being seen and being noticed. It’s kind of in the job description. It’s my job to make a man look good when he’s out with me. Beautiful, sexy women naturally get noticed. So I love the attention and I love that people look at me and desire me. Doing fetish photography, that was just a way to indulge my naughty side while getting that attention. I also like the idea that men who share those interests will look at the photos and be given pleasure by it. I love knowing that just how I look, just me being myself, is something that brings happiness to men. So many women act like that’s something bad. They spend their whole lives trying to look sexy, but then they seem to resent it when men notice! That’s so silly. We should take real pleasure in it whenever a man admits that we turn him on. That’s the whole point of everything we do to look pretty.”

Kylie explains that the world of music videos was an exciting one, but not one she is eager to go back to. “I live a party lifestyle as a professional entertainer,” she explains. “But that lifestyle has nothing on the world of music videos. These are people who really know how to party, and they get really wild. I was absolutely amazed at how crazy things got on set. It was just absolute chaos. I just have no desire to get mixed up in all that. I’m much happier as an escort, meeting new and interesting men and going out to fun places. I like to be treated well and I like pleasing my dates. I think that should be enough to make just about anyone happy. That’s the reason I love my job.”

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