Darling Lenny is a stunner of a girl who tends to be quiet but know who knows the meaning behind the saying, “It’s always the quiet ones.” She enjoys men, motorcycles, and working out at the gym to tone her luscious legs. She also collects porcelain dolls and music albums. She is also a big believer in sleeping and power-napping.

Age 25
Height 5’7″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $800/hour

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(917) 003-3592

“I don’t think people put enough importance on rest and sleep these days,” Lenny explains. She is very animated on this topic, and goes on to say that she believes wholeheartedly in the practice of taking naps. “When you think about it, almost all of us get up with an alarm every day. We take for granted that if you have somewhere to be in the morning, you have an alarm clock that wakes you up and kind of forces you to start your day. But when did this become normal? When did we decide that we should subject ourselves to this kind of lifestyle all the time? It’s absolutely brutal to deprive yourself of sleep. If you didn’t sleep at all for a few days, it wouldn’t take long for you to absolutely lose it. You’d become someone who nobody could be around. Yet we routinely deny ourselves the rest we need in the name of staying up too late and then getting up too early.”

“Part of the problem,” Lenny explains, “is that we have so many awesome methods of entertaining ourselves. We have all these great computers, phones, tablets, televisions, and everything, right there in our bedroom. We’ve filled our night lives with light pollution. We don’t relax and let the darkness soothe us the way it did for our ancestors. Instead, we’re staring at glowing screens until, exhausted, we finally close our eyes. Then we sleep with too much light in the room, and we wake up to a blaring alarm clock. We go about our days feeling absolutely horrible. That is no way to live.”

“Instead, Lenny says, “what we should be doing is letting our bodies sort of detox from technology. You need to devote a lot of time to getting the proper amount of rest, even if that means rescheduling. I don’t mean denying yourself fun. My whole job is about night life, and having fun, and doing things that most people don’t get to do, all in the name of my work. But you have to then allow yourself enough time to rest and recover. Sleep is your body’s way of filtering itself, sort of clearing out your brain while it restores your body. If you deny yourself that, you quickly fall apart.”

Lenny explains that naps are one way to approach the problem of sleep deprivation, and one she likes to practice… with company. “Napping allows you to get those little periods of restoration, those resets, when you need them most,” she says. “Okay, so maybe your schedule didn’t allow you to get enough sleep last night. So you take a nap at lunch time, or in the afternoon if you can. You let your body recharge. It’s like plugging in your phone before you go out, knowing you don’t have time to let it charge all the way. You’re getting a kind of temporary recharge that helps you to go farther for longer. You’re building up your body to have more time to enjoy it. That is, after all, what life is all about. It’s about enjoying your body and experiencing things with your body. That’s my philosophy, anyway, and I’m always looking for new experiences. I just love life.”

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