Get lost in Nyssa’s beautiful eyes and become transfixed by her gorgeous curves. Nyssa is a natural submissive who enjoys spending time in the water, especially at the beach. She loves snorkeling and is also a fan of watching basketball. She is also an avid reader and loves to read electronic books on her reader at the beach, where she can show offer her body to anyone watching.

Age 26
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $800/hour

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(917) 003-3592

“Any time I can immerse my beautiful body in water,” explains Nyssa, “I am a happy camper. I love the feeling of water on my skin. I love being as naked as I can be, in as public a place as I can be. I have this game I play with myself. Every summer, I try to find a bikini or a bathing suit that is even smaller than the one before it. I have a rocking body and I know it, so really, I can pull off just about any suit that I try. The question is, how small can I make it, and what kind of effort will it take to squeeze into it? Just how naughty can I make this? Just how desirable can I be? My goal is to make any man on that beach absolutely lose his mind when he looks at me. I want to be so close to naked that he does a double take when he sees me. I want him absolutely obsessed with my gorgeous curves, with my tanned skin, with the sight of me just spread out there on a towel in the sun for anyone to see. And I want him picturing all the filthy things he would do to me if the two of us were together. Nothing turns me on more than to know a man is fantasizing about me.”

Nyssa goes on, “Most men don’t get to experience that pleasure, of knowing a woman is picturing sex with them. That’s one of the reasons it is so erotic when a woman ‘talks dirty to them.’ It’s because men have been trained not to see women as sexual creatures. Oh, I know, you have heard all your life that men objectify women and see them as sexual objects. That may be true. Certainly a woman with a body like mine is a sexual object to most men. But they are trained from an early age to think we don’t want sex, that we don’t value it as much as they do, and that we don’t think about them that way. They think when we finally agree to sex it’s like we’re reluctantly doing them a favor. The fact is, we all want it, and we all have to have it. That’s why a man who really knows how to get the job done in the bedroom can pretty much write his own ticket with as many beautiful girls as he chooses. We value a man like that just like he values a woman who turns him on. And when two of those people like that get together, oh baby, the fireworks we make together. It’s magic.”

Nyssa admits that her taste in literature run fairly naughty. “I love to read erotica,” she says. “I think if you can turn someone one with words, you truly know what it’s like to be romantic, and that’s a turn on for me. I like to read sex stories and stories about different fantasies. And there is so much out there these days that you can even get for free to download to your reader. I love my rich library of erotic stories.”

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