Orchid is a wild child who believes in being spontaneous and who is proud to say she has absolutely no fear. If your idea of a quiet night is to hit the clubs and paint the town red, then Orchid is your girl. She is always going one hundred percent and doesn’t know how to slow down. Of all our girls, she responded to the party lifestyle of an escort more quickly than all the rest, because she’s just that smoking hot and ready for fun.

Age 20
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Black
Rate $600/hour

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(917) 003-3592

“I think being spontaneous is the greatest gift any girl can give the world,” Orchid explains. “At least, after just being hot. When you think about it, there is a real shortage of beauty in the world. So much of our world is ugly. So many people are ugly, and I don’t mean their physical appearance. A lot of people are just awful in terms of their personalities, in terms of their attitudes. They bring that ugliness to everything they do. So when you have the chance to bring beauty into the world through your behavior, through being kind to people and making them happy, I think you should. But of course if you are also a hot girl with a banging body, then you have the opportunity to make people happy in other ways. Just being around a hot girl makes a lot of men happy. When I realized that, becoming an escort as my job just seemed to make perfect sense. With just being who I am, I can walk with a guy, spend time with him, sit and talk to him at dinner or on his couch, and we can make a connection that could lead just about anywhere. It makes him happy and makes him feel special. It builds his confidence. It helps him to relax. These are all wonderful things for anyone.”

Orchid goes on to say that, yes, ‘Orchid’ really is her own name. “Guys hear my name and they think it’s like a stripper handle, something I chose for myself. But it’s not. This is the name I was born with. My parents wanted me to be a unique, beautiful young woman, and they gave me every opportunity to find myself. They were always very supportive. Even when I started to discover my sensual side, my sexuality, they didn’t stand in my way. They helped me, and they told me it was natural and healthy. As a result I think I have attitudes about sex and love and romance that are a lot healthier than the average girl’s. And of course it enables me to be a lot less inhibited.”

This lack of inhibitions, Orchid explains, is why she can be so spontaneous and adventurous. “I can’t remember when it started,” she says, “but at some point, early in my life as a younger girl, I realized that I was wasting time. Every minute I wasn’t having fun, every minute I wasn’t having an adventure, was a minute that, once ticked away, would never come back. I started to look at life as potential and lost opportunities. Potential is everything that hasn’t happened yet. It’s every minute not yet spent. Lost opportunities are everything you could have done, but didn’t, with the minutes that have gone by already. So I told myself I would never waste any time. I told myself I would take advantage of every opportunity to have fun. That’s how I live now. I live to have fun and to experience excitement. There is very little I won’t do. I let nothing slip past.”

2519 McMullen Booth Rd., Clearwater, FL 33761