Lovely Penelope was a cheerleader in high school and still maintains the body to match. She loves to stay active and is a big fan of mountain biking, kayaking, and spending time outdoors, preferably in as few clothes as possible. She has a kinky side and is naturally drawn to fetish play. She also loves cats and collects posters of cats.

Age 22
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Mixed
Rate $600/hour

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(917) 003-3592

“I think being a cheerleader taught me a lot about myself,” Penelope explains, “especially because boys in high school were always so enamored of the cheerleaders. I mean, we were the prettiest, sexiest girls in the class, sure, and we were very competitive, so we were always seeing who among us was most popular with the boys. We would steal each other’s boyfriends. I think one of the football players slept his way through half the cheerleading squad before we caught on to what was happening… and then we all went out of our way to help him get through the rest, just so he could tell us which of us was best in the sack. I think being frankly open about your sexuality, owning it and not being ashamed of it, is the only way to go. You can’t ever let someone else define you. You can’t let someone who isn’t enjoying their sex life to tell you that you are a slut for enjoying yours. I think sex and sexuality are very natural, very healthy, and very pleasurable, and more people should enjoy themselves this way. Stop letting your hang ups and inhibitions run your life. Start letting what you want and what you desire be the guiding light of how you live your days. Does that sound so hard? I don’t think it does. I don’t think it sounds hard at all.”

Penelope explains that the cheerleader fetish is common among her clients. “I hate calling it a fetish,” she says. “That makes it sound like something dirty or bad. It’s not. Men often imprint on things from their high school years or even earlier. When you were in high school, seeing a cheerleader in her tight sweater and short little skirt, her thighs on full display, her knee socks, that is a very sexy image. It’s something that a lot of guys imprint on and that they still hold deep in their desires to this day. Very few men, when asked if they would like to sleep with a girl dressed as a sexy cheerleader, would turn down the opportunity. Most men really get into that concept. So when a guy asks me about what it was like to be a cheerleader, I am happy to indulge him. Hell, there are entire restaurants devoted to sexy outfits like that. They call them ‘breastuarants” now. They are the type of place men go to see sexy women while eating typical restaurant food. I’m all for it, honestly.”

Penelope keeps her incredible body in shape through her various activities outside. “It’s true that I like to strip down to almost nothing,” she says. “If it’s very warm, and if the water’s not too cold, I’ll kayak in almost nothing at all. I will wear a g-string and my life jacket over my naked breasts. It’s fun to see other boaters who realize, as they get closer, just how much I’m not wearing. Then they’ll linger and try to get a better look. When that happens, I’m not above suddenly discovering that there’s something I need to do that lets them get a full view of my backside, or lets them see me stretch so they can see.”

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