Raina is an adventurous young lady who knows how valuable role play and fantasies can be to keeping a relationship interesting. In her spare time she stays fit by doing both archery and some tennis. She thinks the worst thing in the world is to be bored… or to be boring, and she tries to avoid becoming either one.

Age 22
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $800/hour

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“I think role playing is very healthy,” she says. “What is the average porno, really, but a bunch of people role-playing scenarios that make the act of sex that much more enjoyable? I don’t mean the way they do porn nowadays, with people just going at it gonzo style. I mean the way we used to think of pornography, where it was still a movie, with characters and dialogue. I mean, sure, the characters were silly, the scripts were awful, and the sets were cheap, but there was a reason people liked those types of films that went beyond the sex. People like to see sex and they like to picture it, yes, but they also like to sort of game it out in their heads. They like to think of certain scenarios, certain people in their lives, and picture having sex with them in some plausible way. If you have ever fantasized about, say, the eighteen year old daughter of your best friend, pictured a situation in which the two of you are alone together, and you start to get hard and turned on, and she puts her hands or her mouth on you… Well, that’s role play.”

Raina goes on to explain that she has role play fantasies of her own. “I like to role play about power and authority,” she says. “I love those movies where cops and the people they stop get it on together. I especially like any fantasy that involves a female police officer taking advantage of a man she has pulled over, or who is locked in a cell. I just like how those authority games play out, and I like the thought of people just getting it on that way. That’s one of my own special fantasies, too, and it revolves around how much I like uniforms and night sticks.”

Pressed for details, Raina explains, “I have always wanted to be pulled over by a handsome police officer. I picture him being friendly, not angry or pushy like some of them are. I look up at him and I say, ‘Gosh, officer, what could I do to get out of this predicament I’m in? And he smiles, and he asks me to step out of the car, So I do, and he handcuffs my hands behind my back, and then he bends me over the hood of my own car, and I feel him start to peel my clothes off my body. He leaves my shirt on and I’m just there, naked to my waist, helpless, and he takes what he wants from me, and pretty soon we’re both moaning with pleasure. That’s a very involved fantasy that I have, but it all starts with role play.”

Adventure is very important to Raina and she thinks this is integral to keeping a relationship interesting. Being adventurous, being spontaneous and unpredictable, is what makes a man come back for more even after he gets everything you from you that a man could want. If he’s completely turned you out, but you still have the ability to make him feel special and surprise him, he’s going to remember that. He’s going to keep coming back for more because you become a sexy addiction for him.”

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