Sable is a fun-loving, vivacious beauty who leads a bisexual lifestyle and who is fond of offbeat activities like garage-sale shopping and collecting dollhouses. She has toyed with a clothing optional lifestyle and is also very fond of astrology. She is one of our most popular escorts because of her frank, open sexuality and her naturally friendly, outgoing personality.

Age 23
Height 5’4″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $700/hour

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“It probably sounds like something a girl makes up to sound sexier,” Sable admits. “This idea that she lives a clothing optional lifestyle. People used to call that being a ‘nudist,’ and there was a time when people talked of ‘nudist colonies’ and ‘nude beaches’ as if they were cults where your admission depended on stripping off your clothes. The problem with that attitude is that it’s the very people you would least want to see without their clothes who seem to be interested in that lifestyle. I also think that’s kind of a comical way to look at it. It’s not realistic and it’s not really what people mean when they talk about ‘clothing optional.’ The clothing optional lifestyle is more about being very, very comfortable inside your own skin. It is about enjoying and experiencing your own body as someone else might. We spend so much time cutting ourselves off from our own bodies, from our own experiences. Getting naked and staying naked helps me overcome that.”

Sable goes on to explain that it is the experience of her own body that she enjoys most about being naked. “I love to look at my own curves,” she says. “I love how my body looks in the mirror. My stomach, my breasts, my legs, my rear end… these are all things I like to touch and caress. I like to run my hands along my body and really enjoy myself. And I like to picture how a man will enjoy me if he is given the opportunity. When you are this attractive, when you are this incredible looking, you are giving a man an incredible gift when you let him touch you and be with you. You are fulfilling dreams he has probably had for years. That is the thing about very beautiful women. No man ever gets enough of them. He could be with a sexy, gorgeous lady morning, noon, and night, and he would never tire of it. He will always want more. This is one of the qualities I admire most in men. They are insatiable and I would not have it any other way.”

Sable’s bisexuality is something she sees as an extension of her love of experiencing herself. “Women are so much fun,” she explains. “I love men. I love a man’s body. I love to be close to a man. But a woman offers a part of the sexual experience that a man simply cannot offer. Women are soft and supple and sensual. Men are wonderful for different reasons. This is why I am bisexual. It allows me to experience the best of the masculine and the feminine, and no matter what I desire, there is something available to me. I believe strongly in pleasure and I don’t think anyone should ever deny themselves the opportunity to experience pleasure. This is why it is so important to embrace these opportunities when they come along. If a man is attractive to you, take him to bed. If a woman is attractive to you, do the same with her as well. Take them both to bed at the same time if you can. This is what life is all about. We should all be enjoying ourselves.”

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