Smoking-hot Sandra is a beach bunny who enjoys spending her time tanning and playing in the fun and sun. In the winter months she enjoys traveling to colder climates in order to engage in snowboarding. Year-round, though, she does yoga and tantric yoga, as well as body-weight exercises and other methods that she uses to stay toned, taut, and sexy as possible.

Age 21
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $700/hour

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“People don’t understand yoga, much less tantric yoga,” Sandra explains. “Yoga is a way of keeping your body healthy, sure, but it goes much deeper than that. You aren’t merely working your ranges of motion, developing and maintaining your flexibility, or strengthening your core. You are also getting to know your body. Your body is a very complicated, very finely tuned machine, and like any machine, if you start neglecting what’s under the hood, you will eventually come to regret it. Sure, the machine will keep running for a time, but before too long, you will start to notice things not quite looking or working the way they should. I like to maintain this valuable, sexy machine that is my body. I like to know that I am doing everything possible to maintain myself and stay looking and feeling my best. Long term, I want to be as healthy as I can be so I can enjoy myself as much as possible, sure. But I also want to see to it that I’m setting the right example.”

Sandra goes on to explain that society, overall is embracing the wrong examples about sexiness. “There is this stupid movement called ‘fat acceptance,’” she says. “They are people who seem to want to say that it is okay to be fat. They want to redefine beauty so that it doesn’t matter how much of a slob you are, or how lazy. You are supposed to be ‘beautiful at any size.’ Fat women are now described as ‘curvy.’ They are encouraged to ‘love their curves.’ So when a pop star or musician or actress blows up, just lets herself go and turns into a blimp, she starts doing these interviews where she talks about how much she loves her curvier figure, and how she is still beautiful. It’s as if we’re saying to women, ‘You don’t have to work out or take pride in yourself. Nobody is allowed to think you’re a fat slob even if you are.’”

Sandra’s attitude about this runs pretty deep. “You know who isn’t fooled by this kind of popular culture nonsense?” she says. “I’ll tell you who. It’s men. No matter how many times you tell a man that he should find a fat woman sexy, he’s not going to unless he’s already into chubby chicks. A man likes what he likes, and what men like is a toned, taut, firm body, with generous curves. Men don’t want anorexic stick insects, no, but they don’t want fat slobs either. That’s why I take care of myself. That’s why I do my best to be as sexy as I possibly can be. That’s the respect all men deserve. They don’t deserve to be told, ‘This is what you will enjoy.’ They won’t believe it and they’ll never act on it. Men like a hot girl, and you don’t get to redefine hot just to suit some lazy people’s attitudes about whether they ‘deserve’ to feel beautiful when they’re not.”

Sandra remains one of our most popular escorts. “I know how to show a man a good time,” she explains, “and I know how to respect him. I can treat him right. That’s my gift as a woman.”