Talia is a sophisticated lady who can be anything you desire, no matter what you want a beautiful woman for when it comes to companionship. She is a big fan of casino gambling and also likes to watch baseball. She also enjoys horse racing and has an extensive collection of hats and other accessories. She likes to bring a little “flair” to everything she does.

Age 20
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $900/hour

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“I think one of the appeals of hiring a professional escort,” Talia explains, “is that it’s a chance, for once, for you to ask for and be given precisely what you have always wanted. So many men are told they must accept what they can get. They are told they should be treated poorly and without respect. They are told if they can’t get an attractive girl to give them attention, it must be because there is something wrong with them, because they are somehow not worthy. I reject that idea. I don’t think that’s fair at all. Would we dare tell a woman that if she can’t find an attractive man, that means she isn’t worthy? That she doesn’t deserve love? If you told a woman that, I think you’d be run out of town by a mob of people who thought you were unspeakably cruel. Yet we tell that to men all the time. They have to be handsome, they have to have rock-hard abs, they have to have wealth and power, or they won’t get the truly beautiful women that are what all men, absolutely all straight men, desire. How is that fair?”

Men, Talia explains, have a very basic set of needs. “They say that a man chooses a woman based on youth and beauty,” she says, “But that woman chooses a man based on many other factors. She chooses him for his power and influence. She chooses him for what she thinks is his alpha male status, or she avoids alpha males because she likes to push her men around. She looks at his earning potential. She looks at how well he can support her and give her the things she wants. This all sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Women choose a man based on what he can provide. Men, on the other hand, choose a woman for how sexy she is. That’s it. That’s all there is. A man doesn’t care if a woman is powerful, smart, or anything else. He doesn’t care if she has money. He only wants to experience her. If she is desirable, he wants her, period.”

“I think,” says Talia, “that this makes the average man very easy to figure out. He just wants what he wants. He’s not into politicking and he’s not into games when it comes to women. You, as a woman, have the power to give him what he wants. That means you have influence. And that is itself a formula for fun. When I meet a man, I like knowing that he is into me. I like seeing how his eyes travel up and down my body. When we touch, when our hands find one another, there should be this spark of electricity. I enjoy that. I like meeting new people, and I like going out with them. The non-stop party that is my life as an escort is something that no woman lucky enough to live it should ever take for granted. And I try to value every man that I see. That’s the respect that I have for men, and that’s the dedication I have for my job. Men really respond to that kind of dedication.”

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