Buxom Veronica is a party girl who has embraced the lifestyle of a professional escort. In her spare time, she has tried her hand at fencing and some other sports, as well as bungee jumping and “extreme” pastimes like skydiving. Above it all, though, Veronica is most interested in having a good time and spending her days enjoying herself, her body, her lovers, and her friends. She is known for her hourglass figure and she likes to stay in shape by bicycling.

Age 19
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $1000/hour

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“Runners have this thing,” Veronica explains. “They call it a runner’s high. It’s when the endorphins of running, of spending all that effort, just overwhelm their bodies and make them feel as if they’re floating. You’ll see it in marathons. Have you ever wondered why some of those marathon runners cross the finish line looking like they’ve just gone in their pants or thrown up all over themselves? It’s because they have! They’re so high on endorphins they aren’t noticing what they’re putting their bodies through or, maybe more accurately, they just don’t care as they do it. That’s why hardcore running people can’t stop doing it. It’s like they’re addicts. They get addicted to that high, that feeling of separation from their bodies in which they’re just floating along.”

Veronica goes on, “I have experienced something similar if not so intense. When I’m bicycling, I reach this point where I feel like I’m barely touching the pedals. I’m just being carried along on this wave, this cloud of effort and exercise and wonderful exertion. It’s the closest and most intense high you’re going to come to without actually taking drugs, and I like to stay clean, thanks very much. I’m happy to have a drink, but I don’t want to hurt my body. I spend a lot of time making my body look this good, so I don’t want to do anything to mess it up. And why would I, when it’s so easy to experience this kind of natural high just from exercising? I adore the feeling of having used my body. It’s similar to the feeling you get after a marathon sex session, when your partner has just used you as much as he wanted. You feel spent and you feel tired but it’s a wonderful kind of exhaustion, and every time you think about it, you just want to sit back and smile.”

Veronica explains that she is a very sexual being and sees nothing wrong with that fact. “We spend too much time dancing around the issue of women’s sexuality,” she says. “I think women need to be more aggressive sexually. Men really like that. We’ve been told all our lives that men want to make the first move, that they want to feel like they’re in charge. I think that’s only partly true. No, a man doesn’t want to feel like he’s being bossed around, but all men want to feel like they’re being pursued once in a while. They don’t always want to be the ones who have to initiate things. It makes them very comfortable to realize, hey, this girl is into me, and that gives them a chance to enjoy you on their own terms. They can stop worrying about whether they have a shot, and start thinking about the pleasurable aspects of where things might go.”

“Dating and relationships can be so stressful,” Veronica says. “I think that’s awful. It’s one of the reasons dating an escort like me is so much better. You can take the stress out of it and just enjoy yourself. That’s much better.”

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